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Mod Club Theatre
During the 2nd World War, an entire generation of youth was wiped out by the Germans and the odd military blunder! Through the years following the war there were many jobs that needed filling that were usually occupied by the older men, so, the younger generation went to work and started earning money for the first time. Now that's pretty commen nowadays, but back in the 50's-60's it wasn't the done thing at all.So, money in pocket, the youths of the 60's were able to buy their own way, snapping up the sharpest threads and newest tunes from across the pond and styled themselves with American clothing popularized by the Motown performers and also Italian cool.Long soul and R&B nights began to take shape in London and because the Tube didn't run after 12, the young mods needed transport to get home. That's whe the Scooter bcame the favoured mode of transport along with the military parka that was worn to stop grease getting on their suits. The Vespa or Lambretta were cheaper than cars and so allowed them to buy more clothes to keep the sharp look!The Mod has always been working class, but wear the finest clothese to prove that they are better than the upper class snobs who poison our society.Without these grass roots Mods, we would never know the pleasure and self-confidence that comes with being a mod, so all you originals out there...we salute you!

722 College Street
Toronto , ON

(416) 588-4663
Closest Cross Street: Crawford

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